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Bar Council Members

Through an elected Bar Council the Bar Association is responsible for matters pertaining to admission to practice law in the jurisdiction and rules of conduct for its members. Bar Council is made up of nine elected members who are chosen annually, as well as the Attorney General, ex officio.


General responsibilities of the Bar Council include the following (as laid out in Section 4 of the Bermuda Bar Act):

  • the maintenance of the honour and independence of the bar
  • the encouragement of legal education and the study of law
  • the support of the public right of access to the courts and of the right of representation by members of the Bar
  • the encouragement of improvements in the administration of justice and procedure
  • the promotion and support of law reform
  • the furtherance of good relations between the Bar Association and lawyers of other countries
  • the issuing, revocation and suspension of practising certificates and such other matters of professional concern to barristers

Executive Members: Richard T. Horseman (President), Karen Williams-Smith (Vice President), Christian Luthi (Honorary Secretary).


Members of Bar Council:  Elizabeth Christopher, Barclay Simmons, Cindy Clarke, Mark Chudleigh, George Jones, Michael Hanson & the Attorney General & Minister of Justice Trevor Moniz, J. P., M. P., ex-officio


President - Richard Thomas Horseman over 18 years call and has diverse experience such that makes him an asset to the Bar Council. He has previously served on the Legal Aid Council and now sits on the Professional Conduct Committee and the Judicial Appointment Committee. Education: Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri (Bachelors in Business Management with emphasis in Business Administration 1988) University of Buckingham (LLB 1995) Practice areas: Criminal & Civil Litigation, Probate & Trust Law.  
Vice President - Karen Williams-Smith was educated at the University of London, and has been practicing in Bermuda since 1991 in the area of matrimonial matters principally. She is employed at Trott & Duncan Limited. Karen has a master’s degree in human resources and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Arbitrators. She has been an active member of the family bar throughout her practicing years and has been a member of Bar Council for thirteen years.  
Honorary Secretary - Christian Luthi is a Bermudian and was educated in Bermuda, the United States and England. After completing his law degree at Oxford University he returned to Bermuda after pupilage and has been with Conyers Dill & Pearman Limited., since 1994. He subsequently became partner in 2002. He has practiced in litigation at CD&P in all areas of civil litigation including company, insolvency, employment, and commercial litigation. Christian has served on Bar Council for the last 8 years and served as Chairman of the Continuing Legal Education Committee for several years.  
Elizabeth Christopher was called to the Bar in England & Wales in November 1990 and the Bermuda Bar in April 1991. She was educated at the College of William and Mary before achieving a law degree at the London school of Economics and Political Science. She has sat on many committees which concerns themselves with the advancement of criminal law in Bermuda. She has appeared before courts and tribunals at all levels including the Privy Council. Elizabeth has also served as a member of the Professional Conduct Committee and is currently on the Pupillage Sub-Committee.  
Barclay Simmons was a founding Partner of Attride-Stirling & Woloniecki in 1999. Formerly an investment banker with Goldman Sachs & Co. in New York. Barclay returned to Bermuda in 2006 as Managing Partner of ASW. Previously Chairman of the Telecommunications Commission and a Commissioned Officer in the Bermuda Regiment, Barclay is a graduate of Harvard Business School, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the Inns of Court School of Law and the University of Kent at Canterbury.

Cindy E. Clarke is the Deputy Director (Litigation) in the Department of Public Prosecutions. She was called to the Bar in England & Wales in 1999, and the Bermuda Bar in August 2000. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Trent University, completed her law degree at the University of Kent at Canterbury, and the Bar Vocational Course at the BPP Law School in London. She is also a member of the Chartered Management Institute. She has appeared before courts at all levels including the Privy Council, and is a member of the International Association of Prosecutors. Cindy is the Chairman of the Legal Education Committee and the Pupillage Sub-Committee.

Mark Chudleigh was born and educated in Bermuda. He obtained his law degree from the University of Kent. He has been admitted to the Bars of England and Wales (1990), Bermuda (1992) and California (1998). Mark worked in London from 1990, first as a barrister, then with two solicitors firms. He was managing partner of Sedgwick LLP’s London office before he returned to Bermuda full-time in 2008. Mark’s London practice focused on the insurance industry (he was head of Sedgwick’s global reinsurance practice) which frequently brought him into contact with the Bermuda market. In 2006 he established his own firm in Bermuda, Sedgwick Chudleigh, where he practices commercial litigation. Sedgwick Chudleigh’s clients include many of Bermuda’s Class 4 insurer. Mark has spent three years on Bar Council and is passionate about promoting Bermuda, the Bermuda Bar and those who practice at it. He has served on several sub-committees formed by the Bar Council.  

George N. H. Jones is a Group General Counsel and Group Company Secretary of the Argus Group of companies. He provides legal advice and co-ordinates all external legal services required by the Group including external advice on Bermuda, Gibraltar and Malta legal issues, and directly advises the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and the Board as appropriate. He is a key member of the Argus executive management team in Bermuda, and participates on key committees. Mr. Jones holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB Hons), is a qualified Solicitor and has been a practicing member of the Bermuda Bar since 2006. Mr. Jones was a practicing attorney at Appleby managing a very busy client portfolio within the Corporate & Commercial Practice Group where he specialised in the formation and administration of captive and commercial insurance and reinsurance companies, as well as investment vehicles. Mr. Jones currently sits on various charitable boards. 

Michael Hanson returned to Bermuda and joined Appleby in April 2012 after spending 8 years practicing in the UK with DAC Beachcroft LLP and Thrings LLP. Michael is recommended by Legal 500 for his extensive experience in employment and immigration issues and acts as trusted advisor for a large majority of the Island’s International businesses in this practice area. In the past 18 months Michael has been actively involved in all of the major corporate amalgamations and restructures in the Insurance/Reinsurance industry in Bermuda as well as advising on some of the largest executive (and director) disputes in that industry globally. In 2003 Michael was the first independently appointed Chairman of the Human Rights Commission in Bermuda. As Chairman Michael was recognized as establishing and then implementing a fair and robust Commission as well as being a strong and successful advocate for the modernisation of the legislation.

Attorney General (ex-officio), Trevor Moniz, J. P., M. P

Parties appointed for ensuing year 20 April 2016 until date of next AGM scheduled to take place April 2017.